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Maui, Hawaii

Maui Business News continues its effort in promoting the island’s small businesses and non-profits through its website MauiBusinessNews.com.  Businesses and non-profits are encouraged to submit their business related news articles to the site for publication. 

Mark Givensel, web marketer and developer of Maui Business News emphasizes the importance in promoting the islands businesses and non-profits as the first place to look for great products and services.  He also notes the importance for businesses to have fresh, relevant online content  about their business and link the information back to their company’s website.  “This process is known as creating a ‘link-back’ and helps a company’s website rank higher in search engines like Google.” Givensel said.

Any Maui business or non-profit can submit an online press release about their business or non-profit by going to MauiBusinessNews.com and clicking on the “Submit Your News” button.  There is no charge for submitting your online press release and once submitted, the information stays online indefinitely.

Maui Business News is an independent, locally owned online source of news and events geared towards promoting small businesses and non-profits on Maui.  For questions about Maui Business News, contact Mark Givensel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Maui Business News
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